You probably have heard from every doctor, Dietitian, fitness coaches that regular physical activity promotes health. you all know that but there is no motivation there for you to wake up every morning from cozy warm beds and go for a morning walk or to stop the Netflix series and go to the gym in the evening. you need something that make you wanna do morning walk and gym. Most people knowledge normally ends at exercise is beneficial against cardiovascular diseases or weight loss. There are plenty of compelling reasons to start exercise at any age even if you are sick or pregnant. you will all feel more different about exercise when you know about it.

Exercise is actually a medicine, a very strong one. There is no pill or injection that come close to what exercise can do and if there is one it would be very expensive. A body in motion can do wonder. here is the list of amazing things that happen when you start exercising.

Exercise is Good for your Mental Health

The brain is a complex structure in the human body that needs actually 20% of blood with every heartbeat to function properly. Exercise improves blood flow to the brain which in return produce hormones which provide a nourishing environment and improve the production of new brain cells.

Improve the learning process of the brain and helps in boosting memory.

Sensation of Happiness

Exercising for 20 minutes per day produce the antidepressant effect in the body and also it decreases the stress hormones. Triggers the release of chemicals in the brain—serotonin, norepinephrine, endorphins, dopamine—that dull pain, lighten the mood and relieve stress. Which all leads to improvement in the quality of life.

Improve Nutritional Health

Are you foody? Can’t eat? Because you are afraid of weight gain?

Let me tell you a secret. Physical activity consumes extra calories and thus allow you to eat more food, let’s be honest, we all love food.

The body uses both carbohydrates and fats as energy sources. But after regular aerobic exercise, the human body gets better and better at burning fat, which needs a lot of oxygen to convert fat into energy. if you choose wisely you can eat more and are less likely to gain weight. you can enjoy food and look good at the same time.

Exercise also improves the absorption of nutrients in the body, aid digestion and improve the daily bowel movement.

Better Glowing Skin

All the nutrients get absorbed in the blood. Exercises increase the blood flow to the skin and provide it with oxygen and nutrients. It makes skin healthy and glowing. It provides skin with a glow as no commercial cream or serum can.

Faster Wound Healing

It also aids in the wound healing process. Oxygen is essential for wound healing and white blood cells help fighting infection from germs and begin to repair the wound. When you have any injury you should get moving as soon as possible just to make sure there is blood flow to the site of injury.

Kicking Back Chronic Diseases

Exercise has benefits for everybody system it acts like as a treatment as well as the prevention of disease.

Regular exercise helps insulin to work at its best to lower your blood glucose level thus preventing and treating Type 2 diabetes.

Exercise makes your heart muscles stronger, it allows you to be more active without any chest pain. Managing your blood pressure and cholesterol level through physical activity can lead to lower risks of cardiovascular diseases.

According to recent studies, exercise also helps in fighting cancer. And it makes sense: daily exercise produces changes in the body like less inflammation, better immune system and a higher level of antioxidants that reduce the risk of cancer.

Age Slow, Live Long and Healthy Life

Active people live longer and look younger than sedentary people. Daily physical activity can increase by approximately five years of your life. researchers show that exercise can slow the ageing process at the cellular level. Physical activity supports independence and mobility in later life by reducing the risk of falls and minimizing the risk of injury should a fall occur.

Strong Self-Image

Better health,  good strength and great looks improve the self-confidence. It creates a sense of achievement when you meet your physical challenges easily. You start turning all of your negative thoughts into positive. Exercise boost self-esteem you create an image of appreciation for yourself for meeting your daily exercise goals.

Better Sleep

Exercise can contribute to more restful and sound sleep. it increases your heart rate which helps you increase your deep sleep and battle insomnia.

Optimal Bone Density

Exercise is important for building strong bones when you are younger and it is essential for maintaining bone strength when we are older. Exercise prevents the osteoporosis, strengthen the muscles and improve balance and coordination which leads to better overall health